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The selective trimming of branches and stems to decrease the height and or spread of a tree is done to minimize risk of failure, reduce height of spread, utility line clearance, to clear vegetation from buildings and to improve appearance.

Structural and Corrective Pruning


One of our main objectives at Arbor Barbers is to promote proper pruning techniques.  When a tree is young, it is essential to train the plant to grow properly and without structural defects.  Unfortunately, many trees are left to grow wild for too long.  Most of these trees have weak limbs and are often badly damaged from wind and storms.  These weak trees are also extremely vulnerable to pest and disease invasion.  Trees should be inspected or pruned periodically to maintain proper form

Crown Clean-out

Is the selective removal of dead, diseased, detached or broken branches. This reduces risk of branches falling from the tree and to reduce the movement of decay, insects and diseases from dead or dying branches into the rest of the tree.




Shaping is not usually necessary on larger trees, but with smaller trees such as flowering ornamentals and fruit trees, corrective shaping may be necessary.  A plant that has never been properly pruned is most likely out of proportion and is at risk of losing its natural form forever.




Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. The Arbor Barber professional staff can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. We have the equipment, experience, and skills to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Removal is recommended when the tree is:

* Dead or in decline
* Considered irreparably hazardous
* To be removed for new construction
* Crowding or causing harm to other trees
* Causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning
* Causing damage to the surrounding landscape, building, or pavement

Cabling and Bracing:

Involves the installation of high strength cables and / or threaded rod to increase structural integrity in trees.

Stump Grinding


When safe removal of your tree or trees is completed, we can provide you with our stump grinding service. These machines grind the stump down approximately 6 - 8 inches below grade, and are able to grind visible surface roots as well.


Wholesale Tree Sales and Planting

We provide our cilents with whoelsale trees and planting at reduced rates. We feel very strongly that replacing a tree after one has been removed is the prudent decision. Our belief has led us to provide you with extrememly healthy trees at a reduced cost. Looking to replace a tree or adding one, we take the difficultly out of the process. Pick the tree you want...we take it from there.

Landscaping Design




The Southwest and Santa Fe landscaping and garden style is catching on in a real big way. And not just in Arizona, New Mexico, and the Southwest Desert. You can see at least hints of it in many other parts of the country.

As the popularity of Santa Fe style architecture and an increased interest in Xeriscaping and desert landscaping continues to grow, so will fresh new southwest landscaping and Santa Fe style garden ideas.



If it were better understood, xeriscaping and drought tolerant design would be practiced more often than it already is. Xeriscape based design can be very beautiful and generally requires less water, fertilizer, maintenance, and pest control than traditional landscaping.




A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. The garden can incorporate both natural and man-made materials. The most common form is known as residential gardens. Western gardens are almost universally based around plants



Sprinkler Systems


Living landscapes need water to survive and flourish. Depending on the type of grass and other plantings you have in your landscape, a more constant source of water may be required. Relying completely on natural rainfall isn't usually the best method of supplying water. A properly installed and maintained in-ground/underground sprinkler system conserves water by directing it exactly where and when it's needed.


Pool Landscaping


For some pools, the landscape around the pool may seem boring or messy. There are a few things you can do to dress up the pool and backyard a little. Add some plants and flowers around the pool. Place some decorative stones or rocks in between the flowers. Mulch is another great way to camouflage the disturbed dirt in and around the pool area.

If you are someone who absolutely loves the outdoors and spends as much time there as indoors, then there is no reason why you cannot decorate it just like you would a room in your home and even include sound.

We Highly Recommend


If you are planning a new landscape for a brand new patio or making over an old patio, it is important to start with fresh clean concrete, stone, or brick. The foundation for your patio is the most important factor and one that will make your patio landscaping a place for your whole family to enjoy. It also can raise property value by 12.4%.



Lawn Care                            

Installing sod             

Retaining walls

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